About This project

Hey, thanks for stopping by! The purpose of this website is to make finding moroccan online events easier, and to boost the moroccan communities and individual initiatives.

To do that I'm building an open directory of online events that you can access whenever you want even if you miss the live!

Who am I?

I'm Mohamed EL BARCHANY, a Software Engineer based in Earth. If you've found this site helpful, have a suggestion or just want to chat you can send me an email over hey@techevents.ma, or shoot me a DM on Twitter.


Once the pandemic started, many online great meetups have been organized in several communities. I've put together a spreadsheet to track meetups I was interested in but it was hard to keep up to date with all the communities, and I didn't actually know all the moroccan communities or the individuals that are organizing live events out there.

That's why I started this project; to build an open directory of upcoming events for easier access and more reach for event owners, plus an archive of the past events for future reference (many great live sessions got lost inside social media platforms!)

Please feel free to submit events that you found interesting and want to share with other moroccan fellows.

If you are an organizer of multiple events, don't hesitate to contact me to include your past events in one shot!

Public Roadmap :

  • Add RSS Feed for upcoming events [WIP]
  • Create collections : related events around a specific topic (Clean code, All specific framework talks ...)
  • Add user private dashboard for Bookmarked events
Any feedback or suggestion is more than welcomed!